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Condition - Mood swings - Teenage trials and tribulations

By Lou Rooney

I have always been aware about the teen years being notoriously difficult for parents, as much as the teens themselves, so was half geared up for it! But the difference in my son was quite breathtaking!

Gone was the cute little boy who cuddled me at will and insisted on telling me every hour how much he loved me and in its place was this snarling, grumpy, lethargic creature whose mood changed without any warning. I know that teen years are when some quite huge developments are taking place, new synapses are being formed in the brain, plus lots of growth spurts and then psychologically the move to independence and establishing a new identity. It didn’t help when he was being rude and aggressive. 

I figured that the best thing I could do, apart from learn to count to 10 a hundred times a day, was to give his brain a good chance at this stage. Aside from making sure that he ate quality food and drank lots, I introduced a brain supplement for him, focusing on vitamin B, a little 5HTP and some omega 3. I challenged him to try it for a fortnight to see if he felt any different and we were both surprised at the results. He said that he felt less irritated with things and that he had more energy. He even said that he felt he was able to concentrate a little better in classes and that he was sleeping more soundly. He didn’t suddenly become a saint and he was still prone to bouts of snarling but, in comparison with his friends, he seemed infinitely calmer. He wants to keep taking the supplement now and it’s the first thing he takes in the morning. We still have a way to go but he feels ‘better’ and, consequently, so do I. Days are calmer and I am staying engaged with my son, which I am told is the best thing to be – fingers crossed! 

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