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Condition - Green tea boosts post-meal satiety

By Holly Taylor BSc(Hons) DipCNM MBANT NTCC

Previous studies on green tea have focused on its antioxidant properties and potential role in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Other research has suggested links between green tea consumption and weight loss. Now, a new study published in the Nutrition Journal has found that drinking green tea after a meal may help you to feel full for longer.

 The researchers, led by Dr Julija Josic from Lund University, Sweden, said the overall sensation of satiety (feeling of fullness) was boosted more after a meal accompanied by green tea than after a reference meal accompanied by water. They said their conclusions that green tea significantly boosted satiety were supported by the fact that “not only was satiety increased, but also, the feeling of fullness and the feeling of having had enough to consume.” 

To conduct the study, the researchers recruited 14 healthy volunteers and randomised them to receive either 300ml of green tea or 300ml of water. This was consumed together with a breakfast consisting of white bread and sliced turkey. Blood samples were taken at regular intervals and the participants were asked to complete several different satiety scores. To ensure the consistency of the results, the participants were then asked to swap groups and repeat the test on a subsequent day. 

When the questionnaire data were analysed, it was established that the participants found it less pleasant to eat another mouthful of the same food after drinking green tea with their meal, compared to water. In addition, their desire to eat their favourite food after the green tea meal was also diminished, confirming the satiety benefits.

Article References

Josic J et al. Does green tea affect postprandial glucose, insulin and satiety in healthy subjects: a randomized controlled trial. Nutrition Journal. 2010; 9:63.

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