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Condition - Cystitis

By Nutri People

Cystitis is a common condition involving inflammation of the bladder.  It produces symptoms such as pain and a burning sensation on passing urine, a frequent and urgent need to urinate with only a small amount of urine passed each time, cloudy or dark urine and lower abdominal pain.  It is usually cased by a bacterial infection spread from the colon or by sexual intercourse.  Cystitis attacks tend to re-occur in susceptible people. 

Contributing factors

  • Weakened immune system
  • Imbalance of health bacteria
  • Antibiotic use
  • Sugar consumption 

 Useful Supplements 

  • Multivitamin and Mineral
  • Sugar-free Cranberry extract, which may help to maintain the health of the urinary tract by preventing bacteria sticking to the bladder wall.
  • Immune supporting nutrients such as Vitamin C, Zinc, blackcurrant extract and black elderberry extract.
  • Grapefruit seed extract, which may act as a natural antibacterial
  • Probiotic to help replenish the beneficial bacteria within the body
  • Garlic extract, which may have natural antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.

Dietary advice

  • Avoid sugar
  • Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and citrus fruit juices
  • Drink plenty of fluids including water, herb teas, unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Eat plenty of garlic and onions
  • Eat plenty of steamed vegetables, beans, lentils, brown rice, unsalted nuts and seeds.
  • Making the urine less acidic may help to relieve discomfort – try a supplement of alkalising mineral salts.

Lifestyle advice

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene 
  • Do not use soaps, detergents or perfumes toiletries
  • Avoid nylon underwear or tight trousers

Rest as much as possible. 

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