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FAQ - Pregnancy - FAQ

By Kelly Rose DipION FdSc VN

Q - “I am nine weeks pregnant and have been suffering from pregnancy sickness. Quite frequently this isn’t just in the mornings and it is affecting how much I eat. I am concerned I am not getting enough for my baby and me. Is there anything I can take to help?” 

A - Feelings of nausea and vomiting can occur at any stage of pregnancy but generally occur in the first trimester. Contrary to the term “morning sickness” it can happen at any time of day. Many women will have mild nausea and others may develop more severe cases. A good multivitamin and mineral, and vitamin D are recommended throughout pregnancy and in addition to this, extra folic acid is required for the first 12 weeks. It is also wise to take omega 3 fish oils as these help support the development of the baby.

Many women have reported benefits to taking vitamin B6 whilst feeling the effects of pregnancy sickness. Nausea can often put you off food and it may be easier to get vital nutrients through shakes and smoothies. A powdered breakfast shake rich in quinoa and spirulina may be easier than trying to eat cereal like porridge. Hemp protein is versatile and can be added to milk or water to create a handy shake. Protein is critical for growth and development. Other tips that may help include:

• Eat little and often

• Sip water rather than drinking the whole glass

• Sip lemon or ginger infused tea

• Get rest

• Avoid strong smells

Many women find that they benefit from other therapies such as acupuncture or homeopathy. 

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