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FAQ - FAQ - My joints are quite stiff and aching

By Kelly Rose DipION FdSc VN

Q - I am a relatively fit man, just turned 55 and am suddenly finding my joints are quite stiff and aching - even joints that I am not using! I do play quite a lot of sport such as tennis and golf but I am not quite sure why this is happening. I don’t want to put it down to ‘old age’.  Any suggestions?  

A - As we get older our body tends to age and areas that we use regularly, like our joints, are prone to “wear and tear”. If you have led an active lifestyle this can sometimes increase the amount of pressure on joint tissues. “Wear and tear” of joint tissue may lead to conditions such as arthritis -  your GP will be able to tell you if you have arthritis.  Joints may be supported through several nutrients.  Glucosamine is a molecule that supports the cartilage within joints and may help with keeping it smooth. Rough, worn cartilage may cause friction and discomfort when moving. Collagen makes up many of our body tissues including cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones and may complement glucosamine. The amino acid DLPA and the herb Devils claw have been shown to assist with easing joint discomfort. 

It may be worth reducing the amount of exercise you do in order to alleviate the stress on your joints – some exercise is beneficial but too much may be damaging. Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables offer protective molecules that may help to reduce damage to body tissues including joint tissues. Aim to eat a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables daily. You may also wish to consider an anti-oxidant supplement with nutrients such as turmeric and grape seed extract. 

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