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FAQ - Lack of energy in the morning

By Nutri People

Expert nutritionists share their frequently asked questions

Q - "I’m finding it really hard to get out of bed every morning. It has been an on-going problem. I feel I need help to kick-start my morning and get myself going for the rest of the day, as I don’t seem to have any energy. Is there anything I can take in the morning to give me a lift, other than coffee, which is what I’m relying on at the moment? "

A - Struggling to get out of bed every morning and feeling low in energy can often be associated with adrenal dysfunction or an underactive thyroid. More often than not, the trigger behind these symptoms is stress. Stress isn’t just an emotion that we feel psychologically; it also has major physiological effects on the body’s function, including the immune, reproductive and gastrointestinal systems. 

In stressful situations, it can be very effective to address the issues directly by either changing our perception of stress or changing the environment in which it occurs. When you begin with the root cause, you can then think about nutrition, dietary changes and possible supplementation to support you through these challenging times. 

When our bodies are stressed, we use vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium, resulting in a deficiency in these key nutrients. Vitamin C is needed to support production of our stress hormones, while B vitamins support energy levels and resistance to stress.  

Taking a supplement that gives you optimum levels of these key vitamins and minerals may help to get you going in the morning, and, if you choose a formula that also includes tyrosine, it may also help manage your stress. Tyrosine helps to make the brain chemicals dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline, which are important for balanced mood, motivation, concentration and alertness and it also makes thyroxine, the thyroid hormone, which is important for healthy growth and energy metabolism. 

Using a supplement with these nutrients for a minimum of three months alongside a wholefood diet, free of refined, white carbohydrates and sugar, and drinking plenty of water, should improve your physical and mental energy, as well as increase happiness and motivation.

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