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News - Are you still buying bottled water?

By Sue Mitchell DipRaw

Drinking bottled water, like smoking, is rapidly becoming a ‘faux pas’.  But why is this the case when, up until fairly recently, brandishing bottled water was the fashion? Aside from the obvious exorbitant cost – a litre of branded bottled water costs around 840 times more than tap water, which costs a paltry 0.1p per litre – there’s the environmental impact. In 2006, we Brits splashed out on a staggering 2.275 billion litres of ‘liquid gold’, although that figure is now dropping slightly.  Just imagine how many of those bottles went into landfill sites and continue to do so today? The bottles are recyclable but, despite this, it’s estimated, for example, that Wembley Stadium could be filled twice over with the amount of bottles entering landfill sites every year. And the plastic used to make water bottles is so durable that it takes centuries to decompose. 

Then there’s the carbon footprint.  Bottled water creates over 5,000 times more carbon emissions per litre than tap water. Transporting this water creates more than 33,000 tonnes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions – roughly the amount of energy used annually by 6,000 homes.  And to make one litre of bottled water uses enough oil to fill about a quarter of that bottle – not to mention that it uses about three litres of ordinary water too.

But, when you’re out-and-about and want a healthy drink, what alternative is there than to buy bottled? You could carry a bottle of tap water with you. However, bottled water is thought to taste better by some people. 

Now there is a solution – the Wellness H20 Water Bottle. Portable, re-usable and personal, each specially-designed bottle is fitted with the unique and patented Wellness Water filtration system – just like in your Wellness Carafe.

It filters ordinary tap water to create great tasting, high quality, hydrating water.

One filter lasts about one year of normal use (or filters roughly 568 litres).

If you like the idea of having refreshing, filtered Wellness water wherever you are, then treat yourself to your very own Wellness H20 Water Bottle. It makes a great festive gift for family and friends too.

Wellness H20 Water Bottle – the simple, convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water.

  • Great-tasting, high-quality, hydrating Wellness water ‘on the go’
  • Uses ordinary tap water*
  • Portable, personal, re-usable bottle
  • Highly economical – one filter lasts about a year
  • Environmentally-friendly solution to bottled water
  • Comes with handy belt-clip

*For use with drinking water only.

DO NOT USE with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection.

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