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By Nutri People

Hands Around the World (HATW) seeks to help vulnerable children around the world, encouraging enthusiastic and well-prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill sharing, support and friendship.

Founder and Chief Executive, Dr David Steiner, spoke to Sophie Inglis.

I founded HATW after becoming involved with the States of Jersey Overseas Aid Programme, during which time the plight of many people in developing countries came to be of great personal concern. On our return to Britain, after a year at a rural hospital in Zambia, my wife Lynda and I decided to use our experiences to set up an organisation which would offer practical assistance in response to specific need. The following year, in 1994, HATW was born.

At HATW, we want to change the state of the world by helping to change the hearts and minds of individuals. We aim to give people the opportunity to do a useful job of work, to share valuable skills and be genuinely helpful while, at the same time, forging links of friendship between individuals and communities and learning how much people of the developing world can offer us.

We ask people to give their time, energy, talents and skills. We want people who are prepared not just to put their money where their mouths are, but to put themselves where their hearts are.

We expect volunteers to spend time preparing projects, learning about the place of which they will – for a short time – become part, and then we want that learning curve to continue, during and after the project.

We also want our volunteers to understand the problems of the developing world and be determined to be part of the solution.

HATW has completed numerous, invaluable projects, spanning continents. For example, refurbishing children’s homes in Brazil, building an orphanage and school in Ghana and a home for abandoned children in India, helping with many projects in South Africa, including a flying doctor’s aircraft hangar, not to mention other projects in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda and Kenya.

We recently received a donation of vitamin supplements for children in Africa from Higher Nature, for which we are very grateful. Most of the children with whom we work are orphaned, many have physical disabilities and all are seriously disadvantaged. Poor diet and poor access to healthcare are the norm, so they should all benefit from these supplements.

HATW is looking for people with foster caring experience, childcare professionals, those interested in construction work, classroom assistants, teachers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists for short-term projects in Africa and India. For more information, please contact HATW on 01600 740317 or at info@hatw.org.uk, or visit the website at www.hatw.org.uk.

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