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News - Introducing the Trim Track Plan

By Nutri People

Nutrition and exercise plan for a leaner, healthier body 

The Trim Track Plan is much more than just about losing weight. It is designed to help you improve body composition, increase muscle mass and develop a lean, toned body. The programme will help reshape your body for optimal health and enable you to adopt healthier habits to positively improve your long-term health. 

Step 1 – Burn fat and promote muscle mass

The Trim Track Plan helps to promote fat loss while preserving or enhancing muscle mass. By maintaining muscle mass, you are also more likely to keep the weight off, since a higher muscle to fat ratio can increase the body’s metabolic rate. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a close relative of linoleic acid, the essential fatty acid found in sunflower and other vegetable oils. Various studies have suggested that it may help with weight loss by stimulating the action of enzymes in the body that encourage the release of stored fat to be burned as fuel. 

Step 2 – Burn carbohydrates and manage appetite

While CLA helps mobilise fat out of the fat cells to be burned as energy, another useful nutrient has been shown to influence appetite and conversion of carbohydrates into fat. The dried rind of the tamarind fruit, contains hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. Studies have also demonstrated that HCA helps manage appetite and, thereby, helps weight loss. 

Step 3 – Balance blood sugar

Fundamental to the Trim Track Plan is balancing blood sugar levels. This is critical for losing fat, promoting a lean, shapely body and for boosting energy and overall health. If you are struggling with cravings or fluctuating energy levels, you may need to support your body’s ability to stabilise blood sugar through a nutrient known as GTF, or Glucose Tolerance Factor, which contains the mineral chromium. In order to manage blood sugar effectively, it is also essential to include more protein in each meal, e.g. fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, together with slow-releasing carbohydrates, such as wholegrains, beans, pulses and vegetables etc. 

The optional exercise programme

Studies show that CLA works best when combined with exercise. This does not have to mean endless hours in the gym. Exercising in any shape or form should be fun and can fit into the busiest of schedules. There are many reasons why it’s good to exercise regularly, such as encouraging the body to burn fat more effectively, toning and building muscles, reducing appetite and balancing blood sugar, to name but a few. 

To find full information on the Trim Track Plan, including detailed menu planning, further nutritional advice and a workable exercise programme with photographs, why not order the book, which is now available from Higher Nature.

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