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Nutrient - L-Methionine

By Nutri People

L-methionine forms toxic homocysteine if not properly broken down using methylating nutrients, e.g. vitamin B6 and folic acid. It makes hormones, which deal with pain (encephalins and endorphins) and changes to cysteine amino acid. In the brain it changes to SAMe (see TMG). It is used for breaking down adrenaline and for making adrenal hormones, nucleic acids (in DNA), l-carnitine, betaine and melatonin (the brain’s sleep chemical). L-methionine helps support healthy muscle and liver functions and forms part of joints. It helps detox histamine, adrenaline and oestrogen, and protects against toxic mercury, lead and cadmium metals. It also donates the mineral sulphur, which the body uses to make other substances.

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