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Nutrient - Marigold or Calendula

(Calendula officinalis)

By Nutri People

Marigold is another name for calendula. Marigold petal extract contains antioxidant carotenoids, especially lutein, zeaxanthin, plus beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A (See Antioxidants, Vitamins). It is used as part of a detox programme and helps regulate gut movement. Marigold supports healthy-looking clear skin, immune system function and balanced oestrogen levels. It supports balanced gut flora by protecting against pathogens, especially when exposed to contaminated food or drink.

Calendula, or Pot Marigold, belongs to the same family as arnica. Calendula gently soothes and protects dry, sensitive skin and is suitable for inner ears. It also promotes healthy vagina flora. It works well with comfrey 

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