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Nutrient - Antioxidants help combat skin ageing

By Holly Taylor BSc (Hons) DipCNM MBANT

According to a recent study carried out in Thailand, taking a supplement containing co-enzyme Q10, antioxidants, zinc and selenium can decrease skin roughness and fine wrinkles.

Sixty female subjects were randomly assigned to either the antioxidant supplement or a placebo. After 12 weeks of taking the supplement, once daily, those in the treatment group experienced a significant improvement in skin roughness and fine wrinkles, whereas those in the placebo group did not. Measurements of skin roughness and fine wrinkles were carried out at the start of the study, then at four-week intervals until week 12.

According to the researchers, the depth of skin roughness and fine wrinkles were not significantly different between placebo and treatment group at the beginning of the study but, by the end of week four, there was a significant reduction in the treatment group. By the end of the study, skin roughness and fine wrinkles had reduced by 21% in the antioxidant group, compared to just 1.7% in the placebo group.

The satisfaction of the study participants with the treatment was also measured with questionnaires. A significantly higher level of reduction in pore size, skin roughness and fine wrinkles was reported by those in the treatment group, rather than those taking the placebo.

Free radicals can age the skin by damaging parts of the genetic code that help to protect collagen fibres in the skin. The researchers think that the co-enzyme Q10, other antioxidants, zinc and selenium help to fight this oxidative damage and help to support the body’s own antioxidant mechanisms.  

Article References

M Udompataikul et al. An oral nutraceutical containing antioxidants, minerals and glycosaminoglycans improves skin roughness and fine wrinkles. Int J Cosmet Sci. 2009 Dec;31(6):427-35

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