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Superfoods for the winter months

Read any newspaper or magazine and you’ll inevitably start reading about the latest superfood. But what is a superfood? And what’s all the fuss about?

There is no official definition of the term superfood, but it implies that the food is a rich source of phytochemicals. A phytochemical is a plant nutrient that has health-supporting properties. Plants produce these powerful substances to protect themselves from oxidative damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors.

There are more than a thousand known phytochemicals and each works differently but most have antioxidant activity, so they not only protect the plant, but may also help us, too.

Free radicals occur naturally in the body, but environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke and air pollution, also give rise to these damaging particles. Many scientists believe that free radicals contribute to the ageing process, as well as the development of a number of chronic health....

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