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Top tips for a 'tip-top' immune system

 The immune system is one of our most important body systems and also one of the most complex. It works in many different ways, through a variety of white cells in the blood and lymph, focusing activity through the thymus gland and lymph nodes, and it is vital for protecting us against all sorts of incoming threats; from viruses like the common cold or flu, through to disease-causing bacteria. It also has a vital role in responding to cells that change and have the potential for developing into growths such as tumours. In short, our immune system, through many different actions, is responsible for ‘mopping up’ unwanted invaders and threats and keeping us on our feet! 

The immune system is incredibly clever, with a built-in memory, and, on a daily basis, it will combat many issues, often at the same time. There are times of year, or situations, where the immune system might have to work harder or....

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