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Extracts from: Nutrition Solutions for Optimising Skin Health

An easy-to-read, in-depth look at the skin, including many of the conditions that can cause so much distress, this book is filled with practical nutritional advice.

Introducing your body’s largest organ: the skin

Your skin measures about two square metres and weighs an amazing 4.5-5kg. Of all the body’s organs, none is more exposed to the elements than your skin, whose primary role is to offer protection from the harsh external environment. The skin also provides a whole range of sensory information, allowing you to experience pleasure, pain and other stimuli, as well as supplying mechanisms to regulate your body temperature, synthesise vitamin D and absorb and excrete a whole variety of different substances. Because of its visibility, your skin can also reflect emotions - such as frowning or blushing - or signs of ill health - such as the yellow tinge of jaundice or spots caused by a hormone imbalance.

The skin at wo....

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