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Immunity and glucans, or the myths about the oyster mushroom

Inadequate functioning of the immune system often manifests in an overall sense of fatigue, frequent colds, flu, joint pain, chronic inflammations, slow wound healing, recurring bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, decreased numbers of white blood cells, increased sensitivity to cancerous diseases and so on. 

Many articles citing the beneficial effects of the oyster mushroom on health have been published recently. The oyster mushroom is a wood-rotting mushroom that has positive effects on lipid blood profiles, when consumed in large quantities, thanks to its high fibre content. It may also maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Oyster mushroom also contains many vitamins (B, D, C and K), minerals and trace elements (sodium, chromium, copper, iodine, selenium and zinc), and some fatty acids.

It is also a sou....

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