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Astaxanthin addition improves human immune cell function

Earlier research on astaxanthin has shown that it can enhance the action of the adaptive immune system by enhancing the number and efficiency of immune cells called lymphocytes. These are the cells that learn to respond to specific threats, killing the invader or making antibodies. 

More recently, scientists have discovered that astaxanthin can also help support the innate immune response. This is the non-specific branch of our defences that helps to stop potential threats entering the body. It’s run by families of white blood cells called phagocytes that engulf and digest foreign invaders and help to activate the rest of the immune system. 

In the new study, blood samples were taken from 30 healthy people so that their neutrophils – a type of phagocytic cell – could be tested in the lab. Once isolated, the neutrophils were treated with either astaxanthin or a placebo and then exposed to yeast cells. The scientists then monitored ....

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