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Multivitamin - Why take one?

As a Nutritionist at Higher Nature, I often recommend that customers take a multivitamin/mineral. Sometimes this leads to me being asked why a multivitamin would be needed if one is eating a healthy, balanced diet. Surely our food should provide all the nutrients we need?

In an ideal world, the answer would be yes, but that doesn’t take into account both the nature of food production and today’s lifestyles. Much of the food we eat has travelled many miles to reach us, and then stayed on supermarket shelves for days, meaning nutrient levels have become depleted over time. Months may elapse between harvesting and eating. Food is often picked before it is ripe, not giving the plant time to develop its full nutrient potential.

I would be the last person to suggest that nutrients in pill form are a substitute for a healthy diet, but several long-term studies of food crops....

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